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Japan Marukome Miso Paste 650g (Marukome Boy Miso) Awase/Koshi/Koji 日本味增酱 Japan Miso Paste

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Japan Marukome Miso Paste 650g (Marukome Boy Miso) Awase/Koshi/Koji 日本味增酱 Japan Miso Paste Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Japan Marukome Miso Paste 650g (Marukome Boy Miso) Awase/Koshi/Koji 日本味增酱 Japan Miso Paste

What is Miso? 

Have you ever wondered how miso soup gets its salty, savory flavor? There’s a secret ingredient used in many of your favorite Japanese dishes that adds umami flavor, or the fifth taste, without using meat or meat broth. Miso is a richly flavored paste made from fermented soybeans that's considered a staple ingredient in Japan. Not just for soup, it’s added to sauces, dressings, and marinades, or used in pickling vegetables and meats. Also used as a condiment, it can be added to bowls of vegetables, rice, or noodles. The savory flavor of miso complements all kinds of foods, and the versatility of this ingredient is beginning to be recognized outside of Japanese cooking.

Different Types of Miso by Color

✅ White Miso (KOJI MISO)

Made with fewer soybeans and a higher concentration of koji, this type of miso has a short fermentation period. The flavor is described as sweet and mild, making it perfect for dressings, soups, or marinades. It’s also known as shiro miso and is light in color. Koji Miso的发酵过程中使用了过量的koji,因此味道温和甜。它与鱼和海藻汤结合在一起,制成了一种全面的味汤底。 

✅ Yellow Miso (KOSHI MISO)

Yellow miso, or shinshu miso, is fermented for a longer time than white miso and has a larger percentage of soybeans and barley in the mixture. The flavor of yellow miso is considered saltier and more acidic than white miso and works well as a multipurpose flavoring or condiment. Koshi Miso是一种具有鱼和海带汤的新州式白味miso。信州(Shinshu)是长野县(Marukome miso 的发源地)的传统名称。 

✅ Mixed Miso (AWASE MISO) EXP: 01/2023

More commonly referred to as awase miso, this miso is comprised of a blend of white and red miso. Because it combines the delicate flavor of white with the rich taste of red, it’s widely used as a multipurpose flavoring. Awase is very popular in Japanese cooking thanks to its versatility. Awase Miso是一种融合了miso味。结合了经典的米味和较不常见的大麦和大豆味。这种结合创造了鲜味浓郁的美妙和谐。 


- Promoting digestive health

- Boost body immunity

- Healthy skin

- Prevent cancer

Cooking Instruction:

1) Prepare the ingredients needed: kombu, soft tofu, chopped green onion and your favorite seafood such as clam.

2) Boil 3cups (720ml) water and add 2-3 tbsp Miso paste until the miso paste is completely dissolved.

3) Turn to low heat and add kombu(wakame) and soft tofu and cook for another minute.

4) Garnish with the chopped green onion and enjoy a bowl of tasty miso soup.

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