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Halal Korea Red Chili Flake/Powder Gochugaru for Kimchi/Spicy Cooking for Korean dishes

RM 8.90
Halal Korea Red Chili Flake/Powder Gochugaru for Kimchi/Spicy Cooking for Korean dishes Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Korean Chili Flake Chili Powder Korean Red Pepper Powder Gochugaru for Kimchi/Spicy Cook/Gochugaru Halal Kimchigaru Korea Hot Pepper Powder Halal Korea Red Pepper Powder

【Muslim friendly and vegetarian friendly】

✅ Ingredient is only 100% red pepper chili
❌ NO meat
❌ NO garlic
❌ NO onion

【For restaurants/cafes/F&B/business use, please chat us for wholesale price】

【What is Korea Red Chili Flake/Chili Powder/Gochugaru?】

Gochugaru (고추가루) is one of the most important Korean ingredients. It is used in gochujang (Korean chili paste), kimchi, spicy Korean soups and stews (e.g. sundubu jjigae) and spicy Korean side dishes (e.g. Korean cucumber salad). Gochugaru is often vibrantly red in color and it has mild to moderate spicy taste with a hint of sweetness.


【2 Types of Gochugaru】

✅ Flake (For making kimchi, pickles and korean side dishes)

This is a more coarse/thicker version of gochugaru and it has more versatile usage in Korean cooking. It is used when making kimchi, kimchi stew soup, and most Korean side dishes such as Korean pickles e.g. cucumber pickles, radish pickles etc.

✅ Powder (For general spicy cooking)

This is a finer/thinner version of gochugaru. It is used when making gochujang sauce and radish water kimchi. It is also used for some soup and side dishes when you want better color and smoother texture such as kimchi stew soup, tofu stew soup etc.

【2 Spiciness Level of Gochugaru】

✅ Normal Spicy (The most widely & commonly used)

✅ Extra Hot 🔥 (Try this if you are a spicy lover)

Note: Powder is generally more spicier than flake!


【Storage method】

Keep chilled after opened.


1) 100g

2) 250g

3) 500g

4) 1kg

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