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CJ BEKSUL Wheat Noodle Thin 500g/ 900G

RM 10.20
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CJ BEKSUL Wheat Noodle Thin 500g/ 900G

■ CJ Beksul Somen noodles are chewy noodles that do not spread well, and vacuum dough aging gives a more chewy texture.

■ Vacuum kneading makes the noodles chewy. To remove air from the flour, vacuum kneading makes the noodles more chewy and does not spread well.

■ The thin noodles provide a soft and velvety texture.

Cooking info:

❶ Boil water in a pot, then add the noodles and boil for about 3-4 minutes. Stir with wooden chopsticks so that the noodles do not stick to each other.

❷ Rinse the thin noodles in plenty of cold water and drain the water through a sieve.

❸ Pour thin noodles into the prepared broth and enjoy to your liking.

✅ Thin Round Noodle

The noodle is made from wheat and has a thinner texture than the regular wheat noodle, more chewy and slightly stretchy, not easy to get soggy. Korean use to cook for Kalguksu (Chicken noodle soup) 칼국수 and Bibimguksu (Spicy cold noodle) 비빔국수. You can make banquet noodles (soup noodles), mixed noodles, salads etc.




[Serving size]

About 100g for 1 serving

The reason why it taste better

After aging the vacum dough - Through the aging of the vacuum doug,the texture of noodles cross section is dense making it chewy and difficult to spread.

Prior to the aging of the vacum dough

Compared to small noodles aged with vacuum dough, the texture of the cross section is not dense, so the noodles are less chewy and spread well.

Ingredients: egg,milk, soybean, beef, buckwheat, peanuts, mackerel, crab shrimps, pork, peach, tomato, walnut, chicken, squid shellfish,oysterm abalone, mussles, zat and sulfurous acid.

Cooking Instruction :

For 1 pax serving (100g)

1)Boil 1000ml of water. Put Ottogi wheat thin round noodles and cook for 4-5 minutes.

2)Rinse 2-3 times in cold water and drain it.

3)Enjoy with your favorite soup or in cold with sauce.

Noodle recipe:

1) Boil 5  cups of water in a pot

2) Add 1 servings 100g of noodle and simmer for 3 minutes to 4 minutes & 30 seconds

3) Rinse the Boiled noodles sufficiently in cold water and drain them through a sieve

4) Pour the prepared broth into the boiled noodles & eat according to your taste

5) Its even better to eat it together after adding various vegetables or kimchi. Depending on your taste, you can enjoy variety of banquet noodles, spicy noodles, bean noodles and seasoned snailfish.


If you store it in a high temperatur and humid place after opening it, mold and insects will be generated, so please eat it as soon as possible.

Please be careful that if you store it with a strong smell, it may cause odor in the noodles.

Due to the high temperature hot air drying, the color may be a litte uneven. There is nothing wrong with the product

If you get the noodles wet, the noodles may stick together, so please use the noodle you want to cook and keep the remaining product sealed.

Made in korea

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