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Korea Bean Powder / Injeolmi Powder (Roasted / Unroasted) Soybean Powder / Kinako / Mochi Powder (볶은 콩가루)

RM 4.50
Korea Bean Powder / Injeolmi Powder (Roasted / Unroasted) Soybean Powder / Kinako / Mochi Powder (볶은 콩가루) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Premium Korea Bean Powder (Roasted / Unroasted) Soybean Powder Kinako Powder Mochi Powder (볶은 콩가루)

Product of Korea







Use this Raw Soybean Powder to create the base for Cold Soy Milk Noodle Soup (Kong Guksu), a delicious Korean favorite dish and delicious soy drink!


Korean Roasted Soy Bean it has a subtle, dry , slightly nutty flavor. In Korea is common used to coat on the top of rice cake (Injeolmi) sweet rice cake.

[How is Kinako Used?]

Traditionally, kinako is used as a condiment for desserts, and is especially popular when paired with mochi (rice cakes) or other wagashi (Japanese-style sweets). Desserts are often dusted with kinako as is, for an unsweetened, yet toasted nutty flavor, or kinako can be mixed with granulated white sugar for a sweeter flavor profile.

-[Unsweetened Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Flour) as a Garnish]

Unsweetened kinako is used to add a warm, nutty flavor to compliment sweet mochi (rice cakes) or other wagashi (Japanese-style desserts). It can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of desserts and recipes. 

-[Baked Goods: Cookies, Cakes, Bread]

Kinako, as flour, can also be used in baked goods. If you are interested in substituting kinako with all-purpose flour, a general rule of thumb is to replace 1/4 of the total amount of flour needed for a recipe, although up to 1/3 may be substituted. Kinako, has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour and a very strong flavor, unlike all-purpose flour, so it should be used sparingly. Note, the addition of kinako to baked goods tends to decrease its moisture content. Therefore liquids or fats should be adjusted accordingly.  

-[Beverages: Shakes, Smoothies, Lattes]

Kinako can easily be incorporated into a smoothie or shake to boost its protein content. It also adds a nutty flavor to your drink of choice and is a great alternative to peanut butter or peanut flour. 

-[Frozen Desserts: Ice Cream and Shaved Ice]

Kinako, either unsweetened or sweetened, may be used to garnish ice cream, shaved ice, or other frozen treats to change the "mood" of the dessert. The addition of kinako adds a savory, warm, and nutty character to an otherwise sweet dessert. Additionally, kinako is often associated with Japanese desserts and magically transforms an ordinary dessert into a mysterious Japanese dessert.

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