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Halal Kewpie Sachet Dressing 25ml

RM 1.50
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Halal Kewpie Sachet Dressing 25ml

[Halal Certified Product]

[Brand]: Kewpie

[Net Weight]: 25ml

[Flavors]: **non returnable and non refundable due to this is stock clearance price**

-Roasted Sesame
-Yuzu Roasted Sesame
-Sesame Soy Sauce
-Hot & Spicy
-Thousand Island 

👉 Perfect for salads, burgers, barbecue, steak, marinades, pasta, wraps

👉 Used as a dipping sauce or topping sauce

👉 Allow you to be creative in your kitchen.

👉 Available in mini sachets for salads-on-the-go, office use, picnics, takeaways, small portions, etc.

[Sesame Soy Sauce]

Our KEWPIE DRESSING SESAME SOY SAUCE can be used to complement your favourite Asian foods. It goes great with fish dishes and salads too. No added MSG.

[Hot & Spicy]

Our rich KEWPIE DRESSING HOT SPICY blends the hot, spicy, sweet and sour flavours together, giving your salad a fiery taste. It also goes great with pan frying, roasting and even as meat or fish marinade. No added MSG.


Our Caesar dressing uses natural parmesan and cheddar cheese, with anchovy and garlic for a rich and flavourful taste. KEWPIE DRESSING CAESAR goes great with salads, seafood and deep fried foods. No added MSG.

[Yuzu Roasted Sesame]

This nutty and creamy dressing now comes with refreshing citrus taste. It goes well with salads, pastas, rice vermicelli and sauces for grilled meats. Use it as a dipping sauce for snacks food.

[Thousand Island]

Kewpie Thousand Island with Herb Dressing is a versatile sauce that is applicable to any dishes. It can be the best dressing sauce to your salad or the perfect dipping sauce for any fried foods.

[Roasted Sesame]

Individually packed into 25ml for single serve, the Kewpie roasted sesame dressing is small and lightweight for the convenience of travel. It is made from pure and selected soy bean oil, egg yolks, roasted sesame and mustard. It brings out the flavours of nutty and creamy to your dishes and a perfect dressing for your pasta and salads.

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