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(Frozen) CJ Bibigo Wang Gyoza Dumpling 420g x 2 (Twin Pack) Original | Kimchi | Shrimp Korean Mandu 韩国饺子 泡菜饺子

RM 39.90
(Frozen) CJ Bibigo Wang Gyoza Dumpling 420g x 2 (Twin Pack) Original | Kimchi | Shrimp Korean Mandu 韩国饺子 泡菜饺子 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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(Frozen) CJ Bibigo Wang Gyoza Dumpling 420g x 2 (Twin Pack) Original | Kimchi | Shrimp Korean Mandu 韩国饺子 泡菜饺子

This is a frozen product, only available for walk-in, self-collection or lalamove delivery.
Courier is strictly not allowed due to it is frozen product.

[Brand]: CJ Bibigo


420g x 2 (Twin Pack)

[Made in Korea]


-Original (Pork)

-Kimchi & Pork


A modern brethren to the fabled “mimandu” of the royal palace, a mandu made in the shape of sea cucumber, and the gentle waves of the sea cucumber and the gentle waves of the sea to represent nature’s bountiful treasure for the king.

The harmony of chewy gyoza and raw kimchi. This is a kimchi gyoza made with thinly chewy dumplings, pork and raw kimchi. The spicy and sharp taste of the special kimchi sauce is in the dumplings. Bibigo Kimchi. Korean-style royal dumplings 'Mandu' and Bibigo kimchi is harmoniously met to create a perfect taste. In particular, the raw kimchi is cut into large chunks, and the crispy chewing taste is alive. In addition, since it is made by removing the main additives used in processed foods in order to preserve the taste of raw ingredients, you can enjoy healthy. 

CJ Bibigo Shrimp gyoza dumplings are harmonious shrimp and crispy dumplings. CJ Bibigo Shrimp gyoza with a fantastic combination of dumplings and fresh shrimp. The thin and crispy dumpling skin is filled with plenty of shrimp to make sure the shrimp's fleshy texture and taste is reserved in the dumplings. Shrimp flavor is vividly alive in the thin and chewy dumpling skin. For your peace of mind. Bibigo gyoza dumplings are made without using any four additives such as sweeteners, coloring and synthetic fragrances. You can enjoy steaming your CJ Bibigo Shrimp gyoza as a perfect dish

Bibigo gyoza, eat like this:
1. Gyoza: Put an appropriate amount of oil in a frying pan and heat the pan over medium heat for about 1 minute. Raise the frozen Bibigo gyoza and cook for about 7 minutes until the surface is brown.

2. Steamed dumplings: Pour an appropriate amount of water into the steamer, and when the water starts to boil, place the frozen Bibigo gyoza on the steamer plate, close the lid, and steam for about 7 minutes.

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