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  • woongjin corn silk tea 500ml
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Korea Woongjin Healthy Tea Series 500ml / 1.5L Corn Tea Barley Tea

RM 4.90
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Korea Woongjin Healthy Tea Series 500ml / 1.5L  Corn Tea Barley Tea

[Brand]: Woongjin

[Net Weight]: 500ml / 1.5L


-Purple Corn Tea

-Oriental Raisin Tea

-5 Grains Tea

-Cassia Tora Tea

-Barley Tea 

-Corn Silk Tea

-Purple Corn Tea 1.5L

[Made In Korea]

[Purple Corn Silk]

[Ingredients: Purple corn mixture extract 25% (solid content of 0.9% or more: roasted purple corn 9%, roasted corn 86%), corn beard extract 0.05% (solid content 1.0% or more) ]

Corn Beard Tea is a healthy tea drink made from Peruvian purple corn.
You can enjoy a deeper and more delicious taste of corn beard tea by adding purple corn to corn that has a savory taste and aroma.
Produced by the Acepsis process (aseptic filling system) so you can enjoy it with confidence.

[Oriental Raisin]

[Ingredients: Purified Water, Raisin Tree Fruit Extract Concenntrate 0.3% (China), Raisin Flavour, Nicotinamide, Red Ginseng Concentrate 0.02% (Korea), Brown Rice Flavour, Antioxidants (E300), Acidity Regulator (E500). ]

It is a tea containing 23,111mg of lush fruit extract. It is a healthy tea that is very good for relieving fatigue and easing hangovers.

[5 Grains]

 [Ingredients: Rice, Brown Rice, Corn, Black Bean, Water, Barley, Artificial Flavour (Roasted Rice), Vitamin C, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate ]

Tasty drink made from 100% home-grown, nutritious grains. Koreans enjoy nurungji ( scorched rice) tea since the Joseon Dynasty. It soothes the stomach by neutralizing spicy and salty food, clears the mouth of food remnants, and promotes digestion. Brewed with Korean native grains, including with white rice, brown rice, black beans, barley and corn, our clean and healthy Five grain nurungji tea can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.

[Cassia Tora]

 [Ingredients: Cassia tora mixed extract of 50% (solids content more than 0.12%: 82% roasted Cassia tora)]

Woongjin Gyeolmyeongja Cassia Tora Tea is a clean, reliable tea drink using only 100% domestic killers grown in our land. You can enjoy the unique taste of the lucky killer while being brisk, and you can enjoy it neatly. It can be produced safely with the Acepsis process (aseptic filling system).

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