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Korea Nongshim Chapagetti Bowl Jjajang Noodle with Black Bean Paste

RM 6.50
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Korea Nongshim Chapagetti Bowl Jjajang Noodle with Black Bean Paste Jjajang Ramen Jjajangmyeon Chapagetti Ramen

[Brand]: Nongshim

[Net Weight] 125G 

[Exp]: 21/1/2024

Chapagetti is Nongshim’s version of the Chajangmyun Noodles, an immensly popular noodle dish in Korea. Nongshim spent years developing and tweaking the secret Chajang recipe until it tasted just like the common Chajangmyun shops found all over Korea. Making Chajangmyun is a very difficult process that few outside the business are able to do, but Nongshim Chapagetti makes it easy for you to enjoy the taste of Chajangmyun in your own home! 

A family favorite and kid-friendly cup of instant noodles everyone can enjoy. Nongshim’s Chapagetti is loosely based on the Korean-Chinese fusion food, Jjajangmyeon, which has a unique sweet and savory flavor profile provided by its soybean paste broth. It’s not even the least bit spicy and I personally believe, Nongshim, nailed this cup of noodles in terms of accuracy of the flavor of Jjajangmyeon when compared to other brands. Preparation for these instant noodles is rather simple and straightforward. So, here’s my how-to guide for preparing this cup of ebony treats.

Step 1.) Pull back the lid to the designated line 

Step 2.) Remove the powdered sauce packet 

Step 3.) Empty the powdered sauce packet into the cup of noodles 

Step 4.) Bring some water to a boil 

Step 5.) Pour boiling water into the cup of noodles up to the fill line 

Step 6.) Close the lid and wait patiently for 4 minutes 

Step 7.) Remove the lid and mix well 

Step 8.) Enjoy!  

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