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Korea Lotte Pine Bud Drink 240ml

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Korea Lotte Pine Bud Drink 240ml

EXP: 08/12/2023

[Brand]: Lotte

[Net Weight]: 240ml

[Made in Korea]

Pine buds are usually harvested in the spring from March to May. The buds are rich in vitamin C, tannins, resin acids, phenolic compounds (antioxidants), mineral salts, sugars, and other biologically active ingredients. However, the main component that makes the pine buds so special is an essential oil containing pinene. Pinene promotes pain relief and relaxation, aids in memory and respiratory function, and may reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Besides, it adds a distinctive flavor and aroma to the tea infusions. Pine buds are synergistically blended into Lotte Pine Bud drink STRESS AID to help your body navigate stress, balance hormones, promote better sleep, and strengthen the immune system. 

Health benefits of Pine Bud Tea

☛ Cognitive Help
Pine bud tea may alleviate anxiety and help with depression. In addition, the pine extract (Enzogenol) that is abundant in the pine buds helps improve thinking and memory.

☛ Cold and Flu Relief
The tea made with the pine buds helps cleanse the respiratory tract and get rid of persistent cough. It also helps to reduce the upper and lower respiratory tract swelling (inflammation). In addition, the antibacterial properties of the pine buds make the tea an effective cold and flu supplement.

☛ Helps reduce the body temperature in fevers
The pine bud tea has what the herbalists call the 'warming effect,' which means that it helps produce sweat by stimulating circulation. Antipyretic and diaphoretic pine bud tea is also recommended for people who have rheumatic fever, mild fever with chills, and body aches and pains.

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